Designing new borders to optimize happiness in the population of a country

In some sovereign states there is a hight degree of heterogeneity within the population across different territories. A great source to empirically observe this phenomenon are the election results. In this article we analyse the Spanish general elections results for 2011 to detect the different communities within the Spainsh state. We continue describing a model in which we measure the global happiness of the population with the results of the elections. The final section of the article shows an algorithm that is able to optimize the global happiness by more than 12% by creating a few new borders.

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Elo Ranking para la liga española de fútbol

This is an analysis of the strenght of the soccer teams of the Spanish league. We use the same technique that its used for chess to rate the grandmasters. (in Spanish)

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Language similarity measure

In this study we calculate the similarity between any two given languages that can go from 0 to 100. We show the similarity matrix that contain all similarities of all possible pairs of languages of our sample.

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I'm a data scientist and my main subjects of interest are Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Complex Networks. I also invest some of my spare time working on personal projects that will be published on this website.

Bachelor thesis: Small worlds of economic networks

Master thesis: New clustering proposals for Twitter based on the Louvain algorithm