I like to go to sleep with the radio on, but i find it extremelly annoying when a commercial wakes me up. Fortunatelly, machine learning can help us having a better rest. A trained algorithm can detect and remove those ads. Now i have published the software so that everybody can use it. have a very good night! [work in progress]

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btcat is a command line tool that downloads a file using the bittorrent protocol and outputs its contents to the standard output. btcat streams the data sequentially, which allows processing the file in a pipeline before the whole transfer has been completed. It is possible, for instance, to reproduce a media file while it's still downloading.

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OpenPajek is a network analysis software that aims to be an open source replacement to proprietary software such as Pajek or UCINET. Its core is igraph, a robust and efficient C library for analyzing networks It can be used to help understand how micro behavior of the individual nodes yields to important changes in the global structure of the network.

It was created to be used at the class An introduction to social networks for Management PhD students at Columbia Business School.

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Peer to speaker

Peer to speaker is an open p2p application that enables you to listen to music on demand. No more need to mantain an mp3 collection, your collection now is virtually all existent music, and you can access it from any computer connected to internet.

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I'm a data scientist and my main subjects of interest are Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Complex Networks. I also invest some of my spare time working on personal projects that will be published on this website.

Bachelor thesis: Small worlds of economic networks

Master thesis: New clustering proposals for Twitter based on the Louvain algorithm