4/28/2012: The first version of FFracer has been released!

5/04/2012: Purchase of the full version is now available

FFracer: from Bergen to Oslo

FFracer is an independent racing video game. It has been created using footage from the Bergensbanen documentary showing "every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo".

The game's concept was to take a popular documentary of Norway's picturesque landscape and let people experience it in an interactive way. Players can coast through the Scandinavian forests, snow-clad mountainside, and glimpse at the colorful cabins with music and accelerating speed.

The simulator will make you feel the speed by playing the movie faster or slower. It also will make you feel that you are in control of the vehicle by shifting the screen at the opposite direction of the curves. You will need to compensate the shift with your cursor keys to make the turn without crashing and loosing speed.

The game includes 17 tracks that correspond to the 17 train stops between Bergen and Oslo. The player must complete each track before the time runs out by avoiding crashes and going at full speed. There is no maximum speed -- the train accelerates as long as the player makes turns correctly.



What does FFracer mean?

FF stands for Fast Forward, which is the main concept of the whole game (to play a recorded video quickly to give the feeling of speed). It's also a reference to the library that the game uses internally for video decoding, FFmpeg.

Is FFracer free?

There is a free version with the first 3 tracks. The version with all 17 tracks costs $10.

How is it possible to make an interactive game with a non-interactive video?

The basic idea is that the program controls the speed at which the video is being played, and the region of the whole screen that it is being displayed. With these tools it can create the feeling of going fast or slow, or the feeling that we are loosing the track because we didn't make the turn on time.

What is the music?

I made the intro music. The other game tracks are (in this order):

Who made FFracer?

I'm an independent developer, and I did this project basically for fun. Please visit my personal website for more information about me.

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Free download

The version available for dowload below contains the first 3 tracks. (Currently only Windows is supported).

Download (1GB)


The 17 track version is available for purchase for only $5.

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